Transport & Launch Barge World's largest ocean going barge

Transport & Launch Barge


The largest ocean going launch/cargo barge in the world with a length of 260 meters. The barge is scheduled for the transportation and a floatover operation of a 23.600mT heavy topsite. 

This floatover operation requires the narrowing of the fore part of the barge over a length of 100 meters to a width of 42 meters.

The scope of works comprises the detailed engineering of the modification and preparation of classification documantation including FEM analysis.

To make the world's largest barge suitable for the installation by float-over of a dedicated platform, the bow of the barge will be narrowed over a length of 100 meters to a width of 42 meters resulting in a sligth reduction to the orginal capacity. 

Despite this modification it will still remain capable of transporting and launching the largest jackets and compliant towers. 


Main technical particulars; 


 - Length 260.0m 

 - Breadth 63.0m

 - Depth 15.0m 

 - Max. loading capacity 130,514mT 

 - Max. launching capacity  60,000mT