Living Quarter Barge Accommodation for 250 persons
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Living Quarter Barge

Conceptual design of a living quarter barge for Caspian sea region with modular accommodation suitable for 250 person, controlled grounding possibility, nonpropelled, temporary refuge, finish ice class 1C.



DNV Class +1A1 RE ACCOMMODATION BARGE ICE-1C (alternatively respective class of RMRS).


Main technical particulars

Length overall abt. 110.0 m

Length b.p. 110.0 m

Breadth mld 17.0 m

Depth to upper deck 5.0 m

Max. draught 2.7 m

Height max. (min. draught) 15.0 m

Working deck space 290 m2

Deck load 10 t/m2

Capacity 21 days endurance

Deck crane 10 tons, outreach 20 m

Mooring system 8 points

Towing bridal SMIT bracket

Controlled grounding possibility